Our Demands

Youth like us have been striking for and are striking for is so simple: Action against climate change. Yet the world continues to fail us.
We support bills such as S.1958, An Act transitioning Massachusetts to 100 percent renewable energy; Sets the goal of 100% renewable energy economy-wide by 2045 and 100% renewable electricity by 2035. In order to reach this goal:
  • We demand to stop selling plastic beverage bottles in Lexington schools. Instead, add more water fountains in public areas for refilling reusable water bottles.
  • We demand to reach 100% compost of food waste across Lexington Public Schools.
  • We demand that Lexington schools commit to transitioning to electric school buses. 
  • We demand that the town immediately require all new construction to be heated and cooled by electric heat pumps. This includes all Lexington school buildings.
  • We demand to divest the town and school district pension fund from fossil fuel investments. 
  • We demand that the Town of Lexington be net-zero in 6 years. 
  • We demand that all schools and school administration be Net-Zero in 4 years.
  • We demand that the town's Net Zero Task Force present options for this drastically more contracted plan next year.
US Climate Strike Demands: https://globalclimatestrike.net/the-us-climate-strike-demands/